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Predictive Analytics using Python

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration30 weeks long, 8-10 hours a week
  • Job Duration$1

Project detail


This MicroMasters program is designed for data analysts and data scientists and will teach you how to prepare data for predictive modelling, data mining, and advanced analytics using a range of statistical and machine learning methodologies on real-life datasets. Upon completion, this program will equip you with the skills to drive better decision making, identify risks, and deliver value to your organisation.

In the era of Data Science and Big Data, organisations hold more information about their business environments than ever before. Increasingly, these organisations are recognising the role of data science in leveraging current and historical data and out-thinking competitors. As a result, there is a growing demand for employees and managers who have advanced data analytics skills and the ability to make informed decisions that drive organisational success.

This MicroMasters program is designed for those who have an undergraduate level, or equivalent professional experience/background in mathematics, statistics, or programming (Java, C, Python, Visual Basic).


Courses under this program:
Course 1: Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python

Learn the predictive modelling process in Python. Create the insights needed to compete in business.

Course 2: Successfully Evaluating Predictive Modelling

Gain an in-depth understanding of evaluation and sampling approaches for effective predictive modelling using Python.

Course 3: Statistical Predictive Modelling and Applications

Learn how to apply statistical modelling techniques to real-world business scenarios using Python.

Course 4: Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning

Learn how to build predictive models using machine learning.

Course 5: Predictive Analytics Final Project

Apply your predictive modelling acumen in a business case setting.


Languages required