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  • Job Duration1 week long, 1-2 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

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Do you want to help change the conversation around conservation?Are you interested in learning how to use Twitter to read and share conservation success stories? Join us as we identify, share, and promote conservation success stories in this 5-day workshop that helps you engage in #EarthOptimism!

One of the main goals of Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Project is to change the conversation about conservation. To do this we start by sharing success stories of today. In 2017, we held the Earth Optimism Summit where people gathered in Washington, tell their conservation success stories in person. In 2018, we wantedeveryone to participate in sharing and conversing. That’s why we hosted #EarthOptimism2018 and have continued the workshop after Earth Day 2018to keep the#EarthOptimism momentum going.We’re using Twitter to share current conservation success projects and stories in the making. Conservationists of all levels will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion. #EarthOptimism is a chance for you to interact withpeople around the world on social media to identify, share, and support conservation projects and conservation success stories. To learn more, visit the Earth Optimism website at

This 5-session workshop will help youparticipate in #EarthOptimism. During each of the workshop’s 30-minute sessions, you willlearn about a range of conservation success stories, find out how to share these stories on social media, and become part of a community of conservation supporters participating in spreading the word about #EarthOptimism.

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