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Dispute Resolution and Artificial Intelligence

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration6 weeks long, 6-10 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


This course is elaborated for students who are interested in law and legal regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the different jurisdictions, as well as for scholars and lawyers who want to broad their horizons of mind on application of AI in every inch of the legal life.


This course includes six modules:

  • Module 1. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and its application in jurisprudence
  • Module 2. Application of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Dispute Resolution
  • Module 3. Implementation of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE technologies into Chinese judicial system
  • Module 4. Dispute Resolution and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in US Judiciary
  • Module 5. Regulation of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE technologies in legal proceedings of EU
  • Module 6. Regulation of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE technologies in Russia

Each Module contains:

  • Video lecture
  • Written materials
  • Information resources
  • Opinion exchange
  • Knowledge control

Languages required