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DevOps CI/CD Pipeline: Automation from development to deployment

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration5 weeks long, 5-8 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


For developers, sys admins and computer scientists or engineers, to stand out and reduce delivery times without compromising quality and reliability it is essential to know and master DevOps.

Learn Ansible and Terraform to create the infrastructure needed and later deploy it from a code specification with the touch of a button. Also, with Jenkins you will be able to configure and control every aspect of the integration and delivery process of both the application and the infrastructure developed for it. With the CI/CD methodology of DevOps you can achieve all of this in an integrated and controlled way, including unit testing and security testing.

Evolve as a developer with this course and leverage the capabilities DevOps offers to achieve agile software delivery with a managed and automatized process from start to end. DevOps is the standard for development practices since it is needed to minimize any threat to the development process.


Module 1. Configuring laaS with Ansible

Get familiar with the Ansible process. Create and execute Playbooks to create infrastructure.

Module 2. Infrastructure creation with Terraform

Master the tools needed to write Terraform scripts and use them to creat infrastructures in the cloud.

Module 3. Using Jenkins for CI/CD

Understand how to use Jenkins for Ci/CD and master the configuration to execute jobs.

Module 4. Testing in the CI/CD process

Understand the creation of test units and integration tests.

Module 5. Introduction to DevSecOps

Learn the security infrastructure using Chef InSpec.

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