Coronavirus Powersearching

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration2 weeks long, 1-2 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

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Learn the best online search methods to help you find medical information quickly and accurately. These techniques are shown by searching for information about Coronavirus / COVID19, but are widely applicable to searching for medical information on nearly any topic.


Coronavirus Powersearching (CPSWG) Syllabus

1. Introduction—Why learning medical powersearching skills is important

— finding basic information about Coronavirus
— principles of medical powersearching
— making a good query
— how to read the search results page
— finding symptoms
— COVID-19 self assessment
— finding testing locations nearby

2. Searching for Coronavirus risk factors

— who is at risk of serious illness?
— framing your query is simplest possible language
— determine the source of your information
— when is an image search useful?
— find out when the information was published (and how)
— medical information changes over time

3. Discovering how Coronavirus is spread

— finding the best masks to wear
— comparing information about masks from different sources
— using a simple spreadsheet to compare data
— how to filter search results by time (last hour, past week, past month…)

4. How much Coronavirus is in my community?

— how to search your county health department for data
— reading the data provided in the search results
— how to notice the details about the data (city? county? state?)
— comparing Michigan data with California data (and to YOUR location)
— searching for tools to compare data across the country

5. Finding strategies for living in a world with Coronavirus

— how to find your local recommendations and guidelines for health
— search pattern for your location
— how to search for how busy a business is; how to find less-crowded times

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