Becoming a Hyperledger Aries Developer

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  • Job Duration10 weeks long, 3-4 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

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Data is driving our world today. However, we hear about data breaches and identity thefts all the time. Trust on the Internet is broken, and it needs to be fixed. As such, it is imperative that we adopt a new approach to identity management, and ensure data security and user privacy through tamper-proof transactions and infrastructures.

Blockchain-based decentralized identity management is revolutionizing this space. The three Hyperledger open source projects, Aries, Indy and Ursa, provide the foundation for distributed applications built on authentic data, applications that implement the concept of “Trust over IP.” Together, the three projects provide tools, libraries, and reusable components for creating and using independent digital identities rooted on blockchains or other distributed ledgers that are interoperable across jurisdictions, applications and other data silos. While this course will cover what you need to know about Indy and Ursa, the main focus is Aries and how you can use it to quickly build your own applications on a solid digital foundation of trust. This focus will be explained further in the course but for now, rest assured: if you want to start developing decentralized identity applications rooted on the blockchain, Aries is where you need to be.

This course will get you from (pretty much) zero to developing code for issuing, holding and verifying credentials with your own production-ready Aries agents. On the way, you’ll look at how Aries agents use Hyperledger Indy ledgers (you’ll even run your own ledger instances), dig into the architecture and components of an Aries agent, and learn about its underlying messaging protocols. Most importantly, you’ll get started building applications that address your trust over IP use cases, whether they involve COVID-19 proof-of-vaccination credentials, digital drivers licences, proof of employment, climate change, or anything else. The possibilities are endless!


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  • Chapter 1. Overview
  • Chapter 2. Exploring Aries and Aries Agents
  • Chapter 3. Running a Network for Aries Development
  • Chapter 4. Developing Aries Controllers
  • Chapter 5. Digging Deeper-The Aries Protocols
  • Chapter 6. Aries Interoperability
  • Chapter 7. Mobile Wallets and Message Routing
  • Chapter 8. Planning for Production
  • Chapter 9. What To Do Next
  • Final Exam (Verified Track only)

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