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Artificial Intelligence Expert Course: Platinum Edition

  • Job DurationUdemy
  • Job Duration20 hours worth of material
  • Job DurationPaid Course

Project detail


A breathtaking course in 2022 that teaches new-age Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies and Tools

What you’ll learn:

  • Secretive Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Research based Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Business related Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Notetaking Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Video Creation Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Analytics based Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Graphic Design Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Voice Cloning Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Mind Cloning Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Virtual Reality or VR Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Customer Support Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Misc. Artificial Intelligence tools of 2022
  • Secretive and Futuristic Programming Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Entertainment or Game type Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Secretive Augmented Reality or AR Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) — Incredible Research Findings
  • Learn how to prepare your business for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends for Social Media
  • Learn about the concept of whether Robots can teach or not.
  • Learn how to find your ideal career in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Concepts of Computer Vision: Fundamentals

Welcome to experience a mind-blowing «Artificial Intelligence Expert Course» in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence Expert Course: Platinum Edition — The course has now launched.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)seems to be a unique technology for making a machine, a robot fully autonomous. AI is an analysis of how the machine is thinking, studying, determining, and functioning when it is trying to solve problems.

These kinds of problems are present in all fields, the most emerging ones, and even beyond. The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to enhance machine functions relating to human knowledge, such as reasoning, learning, and problems along with the ability to manipulate things. For example, virtual assistants or chatbots offer expert advice. Smart robots or robot advisors will provide instant research or findings in the fields of finance, insurance, law, the media, and journalism, and medical diagnosis and support will be provided by AI software on the health front. Other advantages include increasing productivity dramatically in research and development programs by reducing time to the market, enhancing the transport and supply chain networks and improving governance by improved decision-making processes etc.

Artificial Intelligence technology is aiding the following prominent fields for 2022 and many others:

Website Creation — ArtificialIntelligence tools can help to create websites and landing pages in merely minutes.

App Creation — ArtificialIntelligence tools can help to automate the whole concept of creating apps.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) − This process is simulating the actual interaction with the computer that understands natural language spoken by humans.

Expert Systems − Learners and users will be provided with guided information and advice on the computer or software.

Vision Systems −Artificial Intelligence (AI)systems in 2022 can understand, explain and describe the computer’s visual input to the ultimate core.

Spoken Word or Speech Recognition − Many Artificial Intelligence (AI)based speech recognition systems are capable of listening, voicing and recognizing the user input — i.e. when a person speaks with them. Alexa, Siri and Google’s assistant, are examples of this function.

Machine Learning — Artificial Intelligence (AI)can help users to create and experiment with machine learning models and build data science applications in a flash.

Video Creation — ArtificialIntelligence (AI)can help to automate video production and cut high costs of hiring resources and teams as everything is taken care of in the cloud.

Python and Coding tools — ArtificialIntelligence (AI)can help to automate writing lakhs of lines of code in python and even Java or PHPin minutes without the need for a human coder or even someone who will debug the code. Everything is automated in the concept of AI-powered programming.

This mind-blowing exhaustive course focusing on «Artificial Intelligence Expert Course:PlatinumEdition» taught by Digital Marketing Legend SrinidhiRanganathan and CivilMasterMind Saranya Srinidhi will change your perspective on the concept of Artificial Intelligence forever to rely on AI tools of the future for your needs. We will cover 100’s of Artificial Intelligence (AI)tools that are highly popular in the following fields that include:Machine Learning,Deep Learning, Digital Marketing,Research, Analytics,Voice-cloning, Mind-Cloning, Video Creation, Virtual Reality (VR) based ArtificialIntelligence tools etc. As you learn these AItools you will understand that ArtificialIntelligence has so much evolved in the last 2 to 5 years. You will also see the growth of the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)tools across industries that have exploded and its impact on business and society that is emerging at a quick pace. In this incredible journey, you will also encounter businesses that are pushing the limits of automation, search and social media. As you slowly realize that with the brain of a computer, AI would potentially automate control in such sectors as self-employed vehicles and non-manned drones, you will be left spellbound.

«Artificial Intelligence (AI)will not only reduce costs by automating processes but also skyrocket revenues by helping startups and corporates introduce new product and service categories at the fastest speed ever imagined with limited resources.»

But, will the jobs die as automation takes over?Will AI will surpass human intelligence in 2022, itself? The answer to these questions is a «No».

The development and eventual growth in AI apps helping in productivity will provide workers with a range of opportunities to improve their skills and concentrate on creative aspects. Stating additional forecasts, disruptive market trends are highly likely to occur in the AI Expansion period (i.e. 2025-2030), the opportunity for employment would require a high degree of personalization, innovation or ability tasks which will still require a person to perform them (even though the AI robotic tools have actually speeded up the process). These occupations or technologies are difficult to imagine at this stage, yet these occupations will rapidly increase as new specialization is required when the demand would kick in. The time is coming soon for a global Artificial Intelligence (AI)revolution to strongly emerge.

Okay. Let’s start learning and go on an adventure in Artificial Intelligence. Enrol Now and I will see you inside. Let’s rock this world with learning secretive tools. Don’t waste any more time.

Special Note:Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding tools will be taught in the course. Most of the tools will be free and also paid alternatives will be covered. You can choose the best tools according to your requirements with the correct features during usage.


Regarding the Live Group Q&A Session:

Students who have completed every lesson in the course will also get access to a free live online group Q&A session of 1 hour with Digital Marketing Legend «Srinidhi Ranganathan». You can clarify all your doubts there. Srinidhi will also showcase your career paths in Futuristic AI, and provide you with a full walkthrough of what you learned along with tips on how to improvise or implement the stuff taught.

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