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Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery

  • Job DurationUdemy
  • Job Duration2-3 hours worth of material
  • Job DurationPaid Course

Project detail


Get Agile Certified & Learn about the key and most important concepts and tools of Agile Project Management (Scrum)

What you’ll learn:

  • You will become Agile certified (you will receive a certificate upon completion).
  • You will learn the key concepts of Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery and Agile Project Management.
  • You will learn the meaning of user stories, daily stand-ups, retrospectives and kanban boards.
  • You will understand the differences between Agile and traditional project delivery (other methodologies).
  • Tools and tips that you will love.
  • Value for money. Guaranteed.
  • A high quality learning experience.
  • A guide/process to follow.
  • You will learn to launch products faster.
  • You will learn to launch apps faster.
  • You will learn to launch online courses faster.
  • You will learn to focus on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  • You will learn about the importance of simplicity.

[EXCLUSIVE] Double Degree, Badges and Community. Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion, an Agile Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn Profile or any other online profile & access to the most dynamic Agile Community in the world.

Think of this course as Agile for Dummies (or Agile for anyone and Agile for everyone).This agilecourse udemywill allow you to Master the most important concepts and tools of Agile Development,Agile Project Delivery & Agile Project Management.

This AgileCrash Course has been designed to enable you to become Agile the Agile way, in less than an hour! You will become Agile certified when you finish this course (you will get a certificate upon completion) andyou will learnfrom an Agile Master,an expert Project Manager & the author of The Mini Book of Agile, available on Amazon.


[PERKS]Course enrollment includes activities, handouts, quizzes, 1-on-1 expert support, LIFETIME access, free course updates and a lot more!

What will you learn?

  • The key concepts and tools of Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery and Agile Project Management.

  • The meaning of user stories, daily stand-ups, retrospectives and kanban boards.

  • How to apply Agile in your job and projects.

  • The difference between Agile and traditional project delivery.

  • The benefits and advantages of Agile.

  • Why Agile is the preferred development methodology in the modern world.

  • About the history of Agile.

  • Why Agile isn’t only for Developers.

  • Why Agile isn’t only for IT projects.

  • How to use Agile to deliver quickly and often.

  • How to use Agile to learn from your mistakes.

Here is what you will receive with your enrollment:

  • High-quality video lecturesthat explain the different terms and concepts with real world examples and applications.

  • Downloadable handoutswhich you can use as a reference, study guide, cheat sheet and the go to resource on the job.

  • Quizzes and activitiesthat help you validate what you learnt and put it into practice to increase your information retention.

  • 1-on-1 expert Instructor supportto answer your questions or clear up any confusion you might have.

  • Lifetime access with no expirationso you can complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device and come back for a refresher at any time.

  • Free course updates so you can continue to benefit from enhancements made to this course.


Why take this course?

  • You will become Agile certified (you will receive a certificate upon completion).

  • You will get a ton of awesome Freebies, templates, real world examples and other resources to further your education, knowledge and experience.

  • I will share with you the Best Free Tool to Manage your Agile Projects.

  • You will be prepared to apply Agile to your projects.

  • You will be able to speak about Agile with confidence.

  • You will understand the difference between Agile and other methodologies.

  • You will learn from an Agile Masterand Agile expert who applies Agile on a daily basis.

  • You will learn why Agile isn’t only for IT or Tech projects but it’s actually applied across many industries worldwide.

  • It’s short, effective and practical. Think of this course as agile in a nutshell.

  • It’s been developed from the ground up with a focus on quality.

  • You will get tools and tips that you will love.

  • It’s value for money. You will spend a small amount but gain a lot ofknowledge.

  • You have nothing to lose, give yourself the opportunity to learn something new and powerful.

  • You will get the inside scoop on all my future courses.

  • You will get an Agile Project Management Certification when you complete the course.

°°If you already made up your mind about taking this course just click on the «Buy Now» button at the top, right hand side.°°If not, keep reading about this agile course udemy.


Why take this course and not another one?

  • It’s a Crash Course.So no bs, no fluff, only the good stuff 🙂

  • Buy with confidence. It’s not a coincidence so many people buy this course.

  • It was created by the founder of The Agile Knowledge Base (AgileKB dot com).

  • It was created by the author of The Mini Book of Agile, available on Amazon.

  • My value proposition is unique(see below «Pledge to All Students»).

  • It comes with Closed Captions (subtitles in English).

  • It includes free tools,free downloadable templates,real world examples, tips and freebies.

  • You will learn from an Agile expert who applies this on a daily basis to his personal and professional projects.

  • It has an active Q&A Community with real life questions from other students. Always answered by your expert Instructor.

  • This course gets updated on a regular basis and you get all updates free for life!

How will this help you?

  • You will be able to deliver projects,products and apps quickly and often, the Agile way!

  • You will go fully prepared to a job that requires knowledge in Agile.

  • You will feel more confident about Agile and how to apply it.

  • You will be able to add this to your CV (just put it under «Professional Development» Agile Crash Course, Udemy and Year of Completion). This will help you land more jobs!

  • What you will learn will make you effective and successful 🙂

  • After completion of this course you will get an Agile Project Management Certification.


Who is behind this course?

An Agile Expertandserial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert Project Manager and MBA (x2) who founded The Agile Knowledge Base (AgileKB dot com) & wrote The Mini Book of Agile, available on Amazon.


This course is specifically for:

  • People who want to learn about Agile.

  • Beginners, people without any Agile experience or knowledge.

  • People who have heard the words «user stories,» «backlog,» «retrospectives,» «sprints,» «scrum master,» «product owner,» «MVP,» «swim lanes,» «kanban board,» etc. and wondered what it meant.

  • Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Data Base Administrators and basically anyone interested in learning Agile.

  • People who want to learn about an exciting methodology,

  • People with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

  • People capable of taking notes and applying the concepts and tools provided in this course.

  • People that think that traditional project delivery takes too long and want to explore other options.

  • People who want to learn about the most important and popular Agile Methodology: SCRUM.

  • Udemy Instructors who want to launch courses faster, the Agile way!

  • People who want to get an Agile Project Management Certification.

This course is not suitable for:

  • People that prefer quantity over quality.

  • People that like lengthy and theoretical explanations.

  • People who aren’t prepared to go throughthe entire course and take notes.

  • People who expect things to work out without any effort or preparation.

  • People who already have a lot of experience with Agile and are more intermediate to advanced.

  • People who want to learn about less popular Agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP).

°°If you think this course is for you, then go ahead and click“Buy Now»and we’ll be in touch soon.°°



  1. You will learn Agile! If you don’task for a refund within 30 days.

  2. Agile is currently the preferred delivery option in technology projects and environments across the world. Yet Agile is not only for IT!

  3. Agile will allow you to deliver projects, products and appsquickly andoften.

  4. Agile is the buzz word and a global trend. More and more people want to learn Agile every day in the world.

  5. Agile is not perfect and it won’t solve all your problems. But it will give you a different view and approach to managing them.

  6. Agile is not suitable for all projects but it is for many.

  7. Knowing about Agile will allow you to land more jobs and this agile course udemy will help you prepare.

  8. You will enjoy this agile udemy course, guaranteed.


What are people saying about this course?

People love this course, but don’t take my word for it. Feel free to read below from students just like you!

«This course was amazing! When I initially began learning Agile methodologies on my own I was a little overwhelmed because there were bits and pieces on the internet everywhere. This instructor put everything together for me in a format that I was able to consume and comprehend in a day! I definitely appreciate you. It was well worth it. -Monroe Walker»

«This course has an engaging conversational style and includes useful examples, images and explanations. I have taken some other Agile courses, and so far I felt this one gave me the most value, really helping me see how I could apply the Agile approach in the real world (and not just to IT projects). I gladly recommend this course to others. -Paul Tousignant»

«The course was simple and very informative, as well as affordable! I would recommend it to those interested in the subject. -Rod Cano»

«I was delighted with the experience i had in this course. You can tell Mauricio is a natural with educating and a guru when it comes to Agile. He delivered the entire agile methodology in a thorough fashion, yet it was concise and easily digestible at the same time. He is sincere and honest and probably taught me more than other courses out there which can charge $500 + thank you so much mauricio -Julian Kaldawi»

«Love the practical examples which printed in my head and I want to talk to my colleagues about this…Love it! —Madhuchhanda Pradhan»

«The company that I currently work provide Agile course to all employees, but I can tell THIS was much better than that!!
congrats Mauricio you are awesome!!! -Iris Franco de Paiva»


What are the advantages of Agile Project Management?

  • In Agile Project Management you deliver projects faster.

  • Agile Project Managementfosters an environment of constant collaboration, teamwork and focus on execution.

  • In Agile Project Management you have direct input from your customer throughout the whole project.

  • In Agile Project Management udemy you constantly reflect for improvement with sessions called Retrospectives.

  • Agile Project Management shifts from traditional long documentation processes and long meetings to agile, lean processes, practices and rituals such as the daily standup.

  • In Agile Project Management roles blur, meaning everyone can participate on different tasks regardless of whether it’s their «official» role or not. For example, not only testers test, but others too (if the teams decides that).

  • Agile Project Management udemy, allows you to focus on value and the minimum required working solution known as the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). So you apply a basic/yet really important concept all the time: keep it simple!!! Don’t build a Ferrari if all you need is a skateboard!

  • Visual boards (Kanbans) and reports (burn down charts), are a key part of Agile Project Management udemy. It allows everyone to stay on the same page and be able to understand speed of execution, areas of improvement and more.

  • And there are many more advantages, but you’ll learn more about that as you go through the course 🙂


Does this course include an Agile Project Management Certification?

Yes, you will receive an Agile Project Management Certification upon completion of this course (aUdemy Certificate of Completion which you can download as a pdf).

Can I add this Agile Project Management Certification to my CV?

Yes, of course! You can add this Agile Project Management Certification to your CV or Resume. I recommend you add it under a heading called «Professional Development,» then, just add the course title, year of completion and Udemy at the end.

Does a Udemy Agile Project Management Certification have any value in the real world?

Of course it does! Even though Udemy is not a University and does not provide «accredited» certifications (like the one you would get from a University), Udemy is the most important online education platform in the modern world with over 40 Million users worldwide. So it definitely carries weight and is increasingly becoming recognized worldwide. So rest assured adding this Agile Project Management Certification to your CV increases your probability of getting that dream job in an Agile environment or Project Management.


Step into my classroomand start learning about Agile now. You will learn about powerful tools and concepts that will enable you to become more successful in your projects. Wewill go beyond the definition of Agile, from rituals and tools, to activities, concepts, examples and reflections.So take the course now to learn what all of this means in more detail and how you can apply it to become and Agilelist.

°°So if you haven’t done so already click on «Buy Now» now!Or… What are you waiting for?°°

Production Notes

  • This coursewas developed the Agile way, in under 50hours!

  • The creation process involved a high level of attention to detail and afocus on quality.

  • The1st iteration of thiscourse wasa living example of an Agile Concept: the MVP or Minimum Viable Product.


What’s New (Latest Course Updates)

  • General improvements and enhancements

  • Added new resources & templates

  • Included new tools


Pledge to All Students(both current & future students)

  1. Students First. I will never compromise your experience to make money. Never, ever.Yes, this is also a business but to me teaching goes way beyond making money. I already have a full time job and fortunately don’t relyon teaching to survive. You are always at the forefront of my courses and I want to ensure you have a unique, valuable and memorable experience. I promise.

  2. 24x7x365 Support.You can contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, even on holidays, Christmas and New Years Eve;I will get back to you quickly(in a few hours tops) and deliver outstanding quality of service in my support. I promise.

  3. Humbleness, kindness and social responsibility.I believe in giving back to you and the world. So think of me as your own real-life human»Siri.» If you need advice or support just ask.And if I can do something to help you in your journey, I will.I promise.

  4. Australian Made.Recognized in the Industry as a symbol of quality and excellence. All my courses are Made in Australia with high tech and professionally edited. They also include my secret sauce: a lot of passion & love! I also apply in my courses everything I’ve learnt from years of experience working with technology, projects, entrepreneursand people all over the world. I promise.

  5. Quality over Quantity. I will strive to make courses concise, to the point and relevant. Time is one of our most valuable assets and we need to invest it carefully. So I won’tmake a course long for the purpose of displaying it has more hours; only when strictly necessary.To me it’s about quality and if I can deliver that in 5 minutes and save you time, I will. I promise.

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