R, ggplot, and Simple Linear Regression

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  • Job Duration2-3 hours worth of material
  • Job DurationFree Online Course

Project detail


Begin to use R and ggplot while learning the basics of linear regression

What you’ll learn:

  • Install R and RStudio
  • Create vectors and data frames in R
  • Plot points and lines with ggplot
  • Access vectors from data frames
  • Group with ggplot
  • Plot residual lines with ggplot
  • Fit a least squares line to a data set
  • Use a least squares line for prediction

Data science skills are in much demand today, but it is not just the mathematicians, statisticians, and the computer scientists who can benefit from acquiring them. Data science skills are for everyone!

In this course, I help you to begin using R, one of the most important tools in data science, and the excellent graphics package for R, ggplot2. Along the way, I also show you the basics of simple linear regression.

There are no prerequisites. We begin with installation of R and RStudio, and I introduce R and ggplot skills as they are needed as we progress toward an understanding of linear regression.

Students should be able to complete the course within two weeks, working at an easy pace.

Linear regression is a machine learning technique. I hope to create more courses like this one in the future, teaching machine learning, R, ggplot, dplyr, and programming, all at the same time.

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