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MongoDB — The Complete Developer's Guide 2022

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  • Job Duration18 hours worth of material
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Master MongoDB Development for Web & Mobile Apps. CRUD Operations, Indexes, Aggregation Framework — All about MongoDB!

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn what document databases are and how data is organized with MongoDB
  • Learn how to perform CRUD operations with MongoDB
  • Don’t stop at the basics — learn all about writing complex MongoDB queries, in-depth and with practical examples!
  • Write efficient and well-performing queries to fetch data in the format you need it
  • Use all features MongoDB offers you to work with data efficiently

Join this bestselling MongoDB course to learn all about this extremely popular database and query language from the ground up, in great detail and with many practical examples!

MongoDB is one of the most important NoSQL databases you can work with these days. It’s extremely popular and MongoDBdevelopers are in high demand.

No matter if you’re building web applications, mobile applications or any other kind of application or if you’re a data scientist — you’ll need to work with data. Storing data, querying it efficiently and minimizing complexities whilst optimizing performance are crucial tasks.

MongoDB makes working with data simple — it’s built on a philosophy that prioritizes performance and efficiency.

In this course, you’ll learn all about MongoDB from scratch. No prior MongoDB or database experience is required!

In detail, you’ll learn:

  • … how to install and use MongoDB locally and in the cloud (MongoDBAtlas)

  • … how to perform CRUD(Create, Read, Update,Delete) operations on MongoDBdatabases

  • … how to filter for data efficiently

  • … how to work with both the MongoShell and drivers (e.g. Node.js driver)

  • … how to increase performance by using indexes (and how to use the right indexes!)

  • … how to use the amazing «AggregationFramework»that’s built into MongoDB

  • … what replica sets and sharding are

  • … how to use MongoDBAtlas — the cloud solution offered by MongoDB

  • … how to use the serverless platform (Stitch) offered by MongoDB

  • … and much more!

This course is a hands-on course — you’ll learn by writing code/commands. We’ll work on a wide variety of example data and use-cases and by the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to work with MongoDBin your next project!

This course is for you, no matter which programming language you plan on using, you’ll learn a uniform way of interacting with MongoDB that can be easily applied to any language.

This course is for you:

  • … if you’re brand-new to MongoDBand databases in general

  • … if you got some basic database or even MongoDB experience — in this course, there are different entry points you can choose from!

  • … if you are a web or mobile app (or desktop app) developer who considers using MongoDB

  • … if you’re working in a team that considers using MongoDB(or already does use it)

  • … if you are primarily using SQL-based databases so far and you want to explore the most popular NoSQLalternative

This course is NOT for you:

  • … if you’re looking for a guide on administrating MongoDB servers =>This course focuses on the commands/queries you write, it’s NOTan administration course. I will show (in detail) how to deploy a ready-to-use cloud MongoDBsolution that follows best practices though.

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