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Microsoft Azure — Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 — UPDATED 2020

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Beginning your journey on Microsoft Azure

What you’ll learn:

  • Ability to understand how to start working with Azure
  • Spin up Virtual Machines
  • Work with Storage options such as BLOB , SQL Server
  • Basic Understanding of services such as Azure Functions, Azure Web apps etc
  • Be prepared when taking the AZ-900 certification exam

Course Updates

v6.1 — January 2022

Updated the following chapters reflecting User-Interface changes for the relevant Azure service

  • Lab — Azure SQL Database

  • Lab — Azure SQL Database — Adding data

  • Lab — Basic Azure Load Balancer — Setup

  • Lab — Basic Azure Load Balancer — Implement

  • Lab — Role-based access control

v6.0 — August 2021

  • A refresh carried out for most of the chapters in the course — This was to align with any changes to the User Interface and new features for Azure services.

  • Also questions commonly asked by students are also now included in the videos.

v5.1 — February 2021

  • Added new chapters to the course including the following

    • Azure Synapse Analytics-Creating a workspace and dedicated SQL pool

    • Lab — Azure Synapse — Setting up Azure SQL and Azure Data Factory

    • Lab — Azure Synapse — Transferring data Azure Data Factory

    • Azure Bot Service

  • Also added a completely new section to serve as a good revision for key concepts discussed in the course

  • Updated chapters on .Net programs for working with the Blob and queue service in Azure Storage Accounts

v5.0 — November 2020

  • Aligned course updates based on exam objectives changed in November 2020

  • Added chapters that include

    • Lab on Azure Kubernetes

    • The various tools in Azure DevOps services

    • Shared Responsibility Model

    • Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Refreshed chapters that include

    • Azure Security Center

    • Availability sets and Availability Zones understanding

    • Azure storage accounts — Blob and File service

v4.2 — June 2020

  • Refreshed the chapters on Azure Regions, Deploying a Windows VirtualMachine, Azure Marketplace

v4.1 April 2020

  • Updated chapters on Network Security Groups , Azure SQL database , Azure Web Apps , Communication within an Azure virtual network

  • Added chapters on Example Invoice, Azure Container Instances, Availability Zones implementation

v4.0 March 2020

  • Refreshed several chapters including the creation of virtual machines, Azure Functions , Azure Logic Apps to reflect User interface changes in Azure.

  • Added chapters on «Important Points» at the end of each section.

v3.0 October 2019

  • Refresh on existing topics to reflect Azure changes

  • Added chapters on cloud concepts

  • Added chapters on security, privacy and compliance

  • Added chapters on pricing and support

v2.0 June 2019

Feedback from Students

«Perfectly what need for beginner’s in azure»

«I got exactly what I wanted, an overview of Azure services to the perfect level of details, not too high level and not too detailed. The instructor was methodical and straight to the point.»

Cloud Computing is the next big thing , just look around you at how the digital world is evolving. Big players such as Amazon , Microsoft , Google are working towards the goal of allowing customers to embrace cloud computing.

Microsoft has made big strides in this domain , and its no surprise as to why they are one of the leaders when it comes to Cloud Computing.

This course is designed to help students get themselves familiar with Microsoft’s Cloud platform , Microsoft Azure.

In this course you will learn the following

1. Creating a Free Account in Azure

2. Working with Virtual Machines

3. Working with Azure Storage — BLOB , Table , Queues , Files

4. Introduction to Azure SQLDatabases and CosmosDB

5. Basic Networking concepts in Azure

6. A Basic understanding on various services such as Azure Functions , Azure Logic Apps , Azure Scale Sets etc.

Don’t get left behind. DIGITALTRANSFORMATION is the need of the hour and Cloud computing is one of the backbone for empower the world towards this goal.

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