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Magnetic Materials and Devices

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration4 weeks long, 8-12 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


In this engineering course, you will learn about magnetic materials and devices. Applications presented include magnetic data storage, motors, transformers, and spintronics.

This course is part of a three-part series, which explains the basis of electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials including semiconductors, metals, organics, and insulators. We will show how devices are built to take advantage of these properties. This is illustrated with a wide range of devices, placing a strong emphasis on new and emerging technologies.

Part 1 — 3.15.1x: Electronic Materials and Devices
Part 2 — 3.15.2x: Optical Materials and Devices


Week 1:

  • Magnetic Fundamentals
  • Anisotropy and Domain Wall Energy

Week 2:

  • Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials
  • Data Storage on Hard Disks, Part 1

Week 3:

  • Data Storage on Hard Disks, Part 2
  • Optical and Magnetooptical Storage

Week 4:

  • Final Quiz

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