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Introduction to Five Stars of Pashto Contemporary Literature

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration5 weeks long, 4-7 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


This is a six weeks informative online course entitled (Introduction to Five Stars of Pashto Contemporary Literature). This course will provide you the opportunity to learn about the contemporary period of Pashto Literature and Five prominent Afghan authors. These authors have published remarkable literary, social, cultural, philosophical, historical, theoretical, and political works. These works have been published in different languages like, Pashto, Persian, Urdu, and Arabic. The efforts they have made in the academic fraternity of the 20th century in Afghanistan, have earned them the title of Five Stars in Pashto Contemporary Literature.  There will be active discussion form where you will be able to post queries related to content of the course. Every section comprises videos and reading material which provide detailed information regard these five prominent Pashtoon Authors.


1.    Getting Started

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Entry Survey

Week 1: Introduction to Pashto Contemporary Literature

2.1 General Introduction

             2.2 The beginning of Contemporary Literature

2.3  Awakening Phase

2.4  Famous writers and poets

2.5  The Importance of Five Literary Stars in Contemporary Pashto Literature

2.6  Quiz

2.7  References


3     Week 2: Ustad Gul Pacha Ulfat

3.1 Biography

3.2 Poetic Publications

3.3 Publications in Prose

3.4 Quiz2

3.5  References


4      Week 3: Professor Abdul Hai Habibi

       4.1 Biography

       4.2 Jobs

       4.3 Art of Writing

       4.4 Character and Personality

       4.5 Quiz

       4.6 References

5     Week 4: Abdul Rauf Benawa

       5.1 Biography

       5.2 Jobs

       5.3 Writing and Publications

       5.4 Quiz

       5.5 References

6     Week 5: Ustad Qiamuddin Khadim

       6.1 Biography

       6.2 Jobs

       6.3 Publications

       6.4 Art of Writing

       6.5 Quiz

       6.6 References

7    Week 6: Siddiqullah Rekhteen

              7.1 Biography

              7.2 Jobs

              7.3 Writing and Publications

              7.4 Quiz

              7.4 References

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