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How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro

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Interior Design Styles Demystified

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand 18 of the main interior design styles used in today’s homes in great detail.
  • Articulate the defining furniture characteristics of each main style
  • Select the common materials used in each of the main styles
  • Select appropriate color schemes used for each of the main styles
  • Select the commonly used patterns for each of the main styles
  • Select appropriate window coverings and flooring used for each of the main styles
  • Discover your interior design style personality
  • Learn how to mix different styles with confidence!

With so many different interior design styles available today, do you find yourself gettingoverwhelmed and unsure of how to choose a styleor pull off a style well in your own home?It becomes even more complicated when you want to mix different interior design styles but are unsure of how to do that so it looks fabulous and well pulled together, instead of flat outchaotic.

To that end, this course has been created to help you understand the defining characteristics of 18 different popular interior designstyles today so that you can either create one of thosestyles in your own home or learn how to easily and effectively mix different styles on your own.

Please note that this course only covers the characteristics of variousinterior design styles. It does NOT provide information on how to pull together a room (e.g., furniture layouts, rug sizes, etc.). That information can be found in my course «How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps»

That said, this course will go fairly deeply into 18 different and distinct interior design styles in areas that include:

  • Defining furniture characteristics

  • Common materials used in each style

  • Appropriate color schemes and patternsfor each style

  • Window and floor covering options for each style

  • Lighting, artwork and accessories appropriate to eachstyle

  • Retailers that carry furnishings for each particular style

We will also spend an entire section focused solely on how to mix styles well using a simple, formulaic approach. You will learn how to do thisboth through a lecture approach as well as listening to2 real life case studies.

Finally, after each stylesection, you will have an opportunity to take a style quiz to help you find out which interior design styles are best suited to you based on your preferences.

This course is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn more about different interior design styles and how to mix them successfully on their own,and forinterior designers who want to brush up their skills on different interior design styles.

Join me for a exciting journey into the world of interior design styles!


  • If you are interested in taking most or all of my courses, I have a recommended order in which to watch them (although it’s certainly not required). I would start with «How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps» because most of my other courses are in-depth classes of the concepts touched on in this 10 step class. Following the 10 Step Course, Isuggest moving on to «How to Use Color Like a Pro», followed by «How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro», then «How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home», and finally «Design is in the Details». My other courses, «How to Use Minimalist Interior Design to Live your Best Life», «Use Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design to Improve Your Life», «How to Design Your Dream Kitchen», and «How to Design Your Dream Bathroom» are all stand alone classes on specialty topics within interior design, and therefore, can be taken in any order.

  • Please be aware that this course, or any of my courses, is not intended to provide all of the knowledge needed to become a professional interior designer. As with any professional field, there is a significant amount of education and/or experience that is needed to achieve competency in this field. My intention with these courses is to provide some solid foundational knowledge to assist either those individuals interested in «DIY» interior design to work on their own projects more effectively, or to provide supplemental education to both interior design students and professionals.

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