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Flappy Bird Clone — The Complete SFML C++ Game Course

  • Job DurationUdemy
  • Job Duration5 hours worth of material
  • Job DurationPaid Course

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Game Programming Course To End All Courses

What you’ll learn:

  • Use C++ To Make A Game
  • Create A Multi Device Game
  • Create A Cross Platform Game
  • Use The SFML framework To Make A Game
  • Understand Game Logic
  • Create An Extendable Game Engine
  • Understand Flappy Bird Game Mechanics
  • Understand How To Create An Adaptable Game Template

Learn how to make cross platformgames using the immensely successful and addictive Flappy Birdas an example. A step by step process is used to show everything from project setupto essential game design technique

Gain a good understanding of the following concepts:

  1. C++ Game Programming

  2. Video Game Logic

  3. SFML Game Programming

  4. Game Mechanics

SFML is one of the easiest game frameworks in the worldand will provide you with a solid foundation for your gamedevelopment journey. The gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood and is constantly growing, start your journey now.

You will be provided with the full source code to aid in development during and after this course. The source code and artworkis free to use in as many projects as you wish.

Over 205,000 studentshave enrolled on my courses and all of them are extremelysatisfied.You will also be satisfied with this course.If you do not like the course, remember thatwithin 30 daysyou can requesta full refund.I guaranteeyou satisfaction.

Ifyou have any questionsregarding the topics covered in thiscourse,please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help those who want to learn.

To summarise this is what you get:

• Lifetime access toHD qualityvideos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

•All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you want, even without an internet connection!

• Downloadable starter code and final code for each section.

• Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.

• Multiple coding challenges to practice your new skills (solutions included).

Sounds great? Then start this adventure today by clicking the “Take this course» button, and join me in the only course that you willneed!

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