Digital Transformation of Mining

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration8 weeks long, 4-5 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


In this course we explore how innovations in digital technology will impact upon the mining and minerals business. We identify the stages along the value chain that present the greatest opportunities for value creation through the adoption of digital technology and optimisation techniques, and investigate how the nature of work and the skills required to operate successfully in the sector will change as a result of the industries digital transformation.

Through this course you will be exposed to various developments in digital technology that are poised to be integrated into the way mines are designed, operated and monitored, as you gain an understanding of the different stages of the value chain that can be digitally optimised, allowing for additional value to be extracted from an orebody. We will discuss how automation and remote operations can alter the way that a mine is planned, and explore how industry 4.0 concepts involving sensors, models and feedback/feedforward systems can be integrated to enable precision mining.

The role of data in a digitally transformed mining industry will be discussed, appreciating that data analytics requires a team based multidisciplinary approach, and we will look at how to manage globally dispersed specialist operational teams. You will also be introduced to the use of visualisation as a tool for communication, both within a geographically diverse team environment and to external stakeholders, as an understanding of how the required workforce skillset is likely to change as a result of digitisation of the sector.

This interactive course incorporates videos, expert insights, case studies and discussions to deepen your current understanding of the impact of applications of digital technologies on the mining business.



  • Data Access and Availability
  • Real-time Operational Assessment
  • Remote Sensing
  • Automation
  • Visualisation
  • The Future of Work

Languages required