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Command Line Essentials: Git Bash for Windows

  • Job DurationUdemy
  • Job DurationLess than 1 hour of material
  • Job DurationFree Online Course

Project detail


A step-by-step guide for Windows users unfamiliar with Bash or the terminal environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Install Git for Windows
  • Install a Text Editor and use it from within Git Bash
  • Use Git Bash as a terminal environment in Windows with confidence
  • Understand what Bash is and how it is different than the Command Prompt
  • Write a Bash shell script and execute it

Command Line Essentials: Git Bash on Windows

This course is designed to cut academic theory to just the key concepts and focus on basics tasks in the Bash command line in order to be productive quickly. Students can expect to learn the minimum needed to start using the Bash shell in less than an hour.

Course Outline

Course Introduction and Overview provides an introduction to this course and the Bash shell environment.

Installation provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup Git for Windows and the Notepad++ text editor.

The real meat of the course is the Basic Commands section, where we step through many of the common Bash commands and uses. Towards the end, we start putting the commands together to build a simple Bash script, which we also execute.

Finally, I share some final thoughts in the Conclusion.

Course Features

Presentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas. Since few like slide-ware presentations, slide-presentations are kept to a minimum.

Screencasts provide a video of the instructor’s computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated — this is the majority of the course.

Following the Basic Commands section, there is a downloadable reference of all the commands used in this course.

The quizzes reinforce the key concepts by testing your newly learned knowledge throughout the course.

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