China’s Perspective on Climate Change | 应对气候变化的中国视角

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This course will provide China’s perspectives, policies, actions and effects on global climate changes to the international community. You will learn about the challenges and opportunities we are faced with on global climate in the world and in China, and will familiarize yourself with main policies, technical routines and international regulations. The knowledge presented in this course will benefit your understanding of significant theories and practical problems such as the energy revolution, economic development transition, low carbon economy development and the ecological civilization construction.

Taking this course can help you grow your knowledge of the latest advances in climate change science, and revere nature, cherish resources and save energy. The course is designed for the undergraduate students, high school students and anyone who is concerned about climate change.



通过本课程的学习,还可以加深对于气候变化科学的基本知识和最新进展的了解,解答关于气候变化科学的质疑,培养全社会敬畏大自然、珍惜资源和节约能源的意识。 本课程适合大学生、高中生以及所有关心气候变化的社会人士学习。 更多精彩期待你发现!祝你学习顺利!



第一讲 中国应对气候变化的对策和行动(何建坤)
Lecture One: China’s countermeasures and Actions for Addressing Climate Change (He Jiankun)

第二讲 气候变化科学的发展(秦大河)
Lecture Two: Evolution of Climate Change Science (Qin Dahe)

第三讲 气候变化的成因与预估(罗勇)
Lecture Three: The causes and projection of climate change (Luo Yong)

第四讲 气候变化的影响与适应(罗勇)
Lecture Four: The impact and adaptation of climate change (Luo Yong)

第五讲 国际社会应对气候变化的形势(滕飞)
Lecture Five: The situation of the international community to climate change (Teng Fei)

第六讲 应对气候变化的国际制度(高风)
Lecture Six: International regulations on climate change (Gao Feng)

第七讲 中国国家自主贡献目标与行动(何建坤)
Lecture Seven: China’s INDC and action(He Jiankun)

第八讲 气候变化与能源革命(杜祥琬)
Lecture Eight: Climate Change and energy revolution

第九讲 中国低碳发展的政策和战略(张希良)
Lecture Nine: China’s policies and strategies for addressing climate change (Zhang Xiliang)

第十讲 低碳社会与低碳城市 (齐晔)
Lecture Ten: Low Carbon Society and Low Carbon City

第十一讲 应对气候变化的协同效应(贺克斌)
Lecture Eleven: The synergistic effects on climate change (He Kebin)

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