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Boosting Innovation And Entrepreneurship In The Food Sector

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration4 weeks long, 3-4 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


This course focuses on innovation and entrepeneruship in the food sector. We will see some important aspects in innovation such as defining what is an entrepreneurial mind and the importance of opportunity recognition and ideas generation.

Then we will consider the role of entrepeneurs from internal and external actors in our business temas, such as employees and scientists. Following this we will focus on what value we are providing the market, the knowledge of customers needs and maintaining a sustainable business model.

Finally, we will concentrate on a main aspect of all businesses, that is, the financial part of it including sources of funds and basics of startup financing.


  1. Boosting Innovation And Entrepreneurship In The Food Sector
  2. Active People
  3. Finding the Golden Nugget
  4. All about the Money

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