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BIM for Construction

  • Job DurationedX
  • Job Duration6 weeks long, 6-9 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

Project detail


This course is the second of a sequence of interrelated courses on current computer applications in the construction industry. The emphasis of this course is the application of building information modeling (BIM) in construction.

The primary goal of this course is to:

  • Cultivate students’ knowledge and skills on the application of BIM and supplementary tools to construction tasks.
  • Train students to effectively use BIM tools together with traditional scheduling and cost-estimating tools to assist construction management tasks.

A number of carefully crafted hands-on activities targeting construction problems will allow students to not only learn the fundamentals, but also master their applications in construction.

Additional tools required:

This course requires the use of a BIM viewing tool, such as Navisworks from Autodesk, and scheduling software such as Microsoft Project.

Note that Autodesk offers a trial version of Navisworks that is free for 30 days, and Microsoft offers a trial version of Project that is free for 30 days.

Autodesk also offers a free tool for viewing BIM models using Autodesk Viewer.

As this is a 5-week course and the free Navisworks and Project trials are 30 days, we suggest that you time the trial download correspondingly.


Week 1: Model Review, Clash Detection, and Model Coordination

  • Introduction to Navisworks and File Formats
  • Working with Multiple Files in Navisworks
  • Model Review in Navisworks
  • Clash Detection

Week 2: 4D, 5D, and nD Modeling

  • Time and Cost in nD Modeling
  • 4D Models in Navisworks
  • Quantity Takeoff and 5D Animation

Week 3: Scheduling

  • Construction Planning
  • WBS 1 and 2
  • WBS for Gas Station
  • Activity Duration
  • Sequencing Activities
  • Critical Path Calculations
  • Commercial Scheduling Tool
  • Scheduling in MS Project

Week 4: Cost Estimating

  • Define Estimating
  • Estimating Methods I and II
  • Cost Control
  • Earned Value Method
  • Assignment on Cost Estimating and Control

Week 5: BIM-Based Construction Planning

  • BIM-Based Project Planning

Languages required