AWS Developer Associate training

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  • Job Duration7 hours worth of material
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AWS Developer services course

What you’ll learn:

  • They will learn all aspects related to getting better trained when taking the AWS Developer exam
  • Students will be able to understand better on the fundamentals of using AWS services such as EC2 instances, Security Groups.
  • Students will be better prepared when they take their AWS Developer Associate exam

Important — Completed the re certification on AWSDeveloper Associate — September 2017

Organizations today are embracing the cloud. In 2016, as per a report published by Symantec, around 26% of organizations have taken the leap to the cloud.

Amazon Web services is one of the most widely adopted cloud platforms in the world today. The variety of services provided by AWS is what makes it one of the widely popular cloud platforms there is.

This course aims at training students on the various aspects of the AWS Cloud platform from a developer perspective.It also enables students to get more prepared to take their AWSDeveloper Associate Exam.

This course covers topics that vary from Regions,Availability Zones and VPC to EC2 instances and working with DynamoDB.

This course is particularly aligned with the various objectives outlined by AWS on the Developer Associate Exam.

Also the courses have been catered to ensure that the latest updates from AWS have been demonstrated.

You have early 4 hours of deep dive content , and you can work along with the live examples. There is a also a bonus quiz at the end of the course.

Course Updates — August 2017

The following updates have been made

1) Demo on using AWS SNSwith Google Cloud Messaging service

2) Demo on using parameters and maps inCloudformation templates , FIFOQueues , seeing how to access AWS resources using the .Net SDK

Course Updates — September2017

The following key updates have been made

1) Added 30 more practicequestions

2) Added new chapters on Custom VPC, Private and Public Subnets , NATInstance.

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