AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2021

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Become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and confidently pass your exam in 30 Days | Study Plan included

What you’ll learn:

  • 19 HOURS OF INSTRUCTOR-GUIDED LECTURES: With our practical exercises, you’ll learn how to architect and build applications on Amazon Web Services
  • PRACTICE TEST: Test your knowledge with an exam-difficulty practice exam
  • BONUS: Take the practice test in Training Mode (check your answers instantly — no time limit) on the Digital Cloud Training platform
  • ALL CODE FILES AND SLIDES: Available for download (.zip file / PDF format)
  • ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our teachings reflect the latest SAP-C01 exam. All students have lifetime access to all future updates
  • PRESENTED IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: Focused and to the point, clear language with professional subtitles
  • ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: In this discussion board, students ask questions and share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered
  • RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback
  • THE ULTIMATE EXAM PREP: We’ll teach you everything you need to know to ace your exam AND master the cloud in the real world

Pass your AWSCertified Solutions Architect Professional exam with confidence!Get access to the most comprehensive and well-delivered course for this exam anywhere on the Internet. This AWSSolutions Architect professional certification course will have you sailing through the AWSexam with confidence. Delivered using visual animations, architectural diagrams, and hands-on exercises this course will have you covered — whatever your preferred learning style.

This course is for you if you

  • Have passed the AWSCertified Solutions Architect Associate, Developer Associate or SysOps Administrator Associate certifications; OR

  • Have an equivalent level of hands-on knowledge from experience working with AWS services.

BONUSOFFER — Practice Exam in Training Mode

We are now offering FREE 12-month access to the AWS Digital Cloud Training website (registration required with name and email) where you get to access your bonus practice exam in training mode (no time limit). This allows you to check answers after every question (not possible on Udemy) and will help you successfully prepare for your AWS exam.

Here’s a snapshot of the skills you’ll learn using this course:

  • AWS Accounts and Organizations including Service Control Policies (SCPs)

  • Identity Management and Permissions including RBAC, ABAC and permissions boundaries

  • AWS Directory Services and Federation including Identity Federation, AWSSSO, and Cognito

  • Advanced Amazon VPC including a routing deep dive and multi-account VPCconfigurations

  • Hybrid Connectivity including S2S VPN, Direct Connect, and AWSTransit Gateway

  • Compute, Auto Scaling, and Load Balancing including ALB, NLB, EC2, and NAT

  • AWS Storage Services including EBS, EFS, and Amazon S3

  • DNS, Caching, and Performance Optimization including Route 53, CloudFront, and AWSGlobal Accelerator

  • AWS Database Services including Amazon RDS, Aurora, ElastiCache and DynamoDB

  • Serverless Applications including AWSLambda, EventBridge, SQS, SNS, and APIGateway

  • Docker Containers and PaaS including Amazon ECS, Fargate, and Elastic Beanstalk

  • Deployment and Management including AWSCodeCommit, CodePipeline, Service Catalog, Systems Manager and more

  • Migration and Transfer Service including AWSDMS, SMS, DataSync, and Snowball

  • Analytics Services including Amazon Athena, AWSGlue, RedShift, EMR, and Kinesis

  • Monitoring, Logging and Auditing including CloudWatch, CloudTrail and AWSX-Ray

  • Defense in Depth including how to build a secure application with ACM, KMS, Config, Inspector and WAF/Shield

  • Cost Management including how AWSservices are priced, consolidated billing, and AWSBudgets


There are many FREE previews to help you understand how we prepare you for the AWSCertified Solutions Architect (SAP-C01) exam using guided AWS hands-on lessons. Check out the curriculum to see the huge amount of in-depth practical exercises combined with a high-quality level of practical and theoretical training.


You get a free study guide in PDFformat to help you plan your study so you can pass your AWSCertified Solutions Architect PROexam in 30 days! Allocate around 60-90 min each day to studying and you’ll be ready to earn your AWScertification in no time at all.


  • THEORY LECTURES: All theory lectures are 100% conform with the SAP-C01 exam — teaching you everything you need to know to pass your exam at the first attempt

  • GUIDED HANDS-ON LESSONS: To gain more practical experience with AWS services, you have the option to explore our guided hands-on exercises — just create your own free tier account on AWSand you’re good to go

  • ARCHITECTUREPATTERNSLESSONS: These are a walkthrough of real-world scenarios and exam-style scenarios

  • HIGH-QUALITY VISUALS: We’ve spared no effort to create a highly visual training course with lots of animated diagrams, tables and graphs to illustrate the concepts. All practical exercises are backed by logical diagrams so you can visualize what you’re building

  • PRACTICETEST: Simulate the real exam with a practice test (timed and scored) on Udemy

  • BONUS:Take the practice test in training mode (check your answers instantly — no time limit) on the Digital Cloud Training platform

  • DETAILEDEXPLANATIONS&REFERENCELINKS: Every question includes deep-dive reference links and detailed explanations that explain why each answer is correct or incorrect

  • PRESENTED IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: Your instructor (native speaker) uses clear and easy to understand language and presents the material in a professional way — focused and to the point with professional subtitles

  • CERTIFICATE OFCOMPLETION: Upon course completion, you get to download your Certificate of Completion issued by Udemy

  • ACCESS CODE FILESANDCOURSESLIDES: You get to download all course slides and diagrams in PDF format

  • ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our teachings reflect the latest SAP-C01 exam blueprint. All students have lifetime access to all future updates

  • RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts comprehensively respond to all of your questions, concerns and feedback

  • ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD: Join the discussion on AWS related topics in our discussion forum where our students share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered

  • MOBILE ACCESS: Study on the go and access all resources from your mobile phone — anywhere, anytime


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Hi, my name is Neal Davis — I’ll be your instructor for this course. Cloud Computing is my Passion — which is why I founded Digital Cloud Training — offering AWS training resources that represent a higher quality standard than is otherwise available in the market. I created this course to help you successfully prepare for your AWSSolutions Architect Professional exam. I enjoy teaching on Udemy as it allows me to leverage my knowledge and hands-on experience that I have built over the last 20 years…Yes, I’ve been working in the Cloud space since its very inception!


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