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AP Computer Science A: Java Programming Classes and Objects

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  • Job Duration6 weeks long, 8-12 hours a week
  • Job DurationFree Online Course (Audit)

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In this computer science course, you will learn the basics of programming in the Java language, and cover topics relevant to the AP Computer Science A course and exam.

This course will cover:

  • classes
  • objects and object-oriented design
  • fields and visibility
  • constructors, mutators and accessor methods
  • encapsulation
  • interfaces
  • the List interface
  • method overriding

This course is for anyone interested in taking a first-level computer-programming course, particularly those who attend a school that does not provide a similar class.

No previous programming knowledge is needed, but it is recommended that learners be comfortable with the topics addressed in AP Computer Science A: Java Programming and AP Computer Science A: Java Programming Data Structures and Loops.

We are looking forward to helping you explore this exciting new world!


Unit Name or Timeframe: Methods and Classes (3 weeks)

  • Object-oriented design and encapsulation
  • Top-down development and functional decomposition
  • State and behavior
  • Fields and visibility
  • Methods and parameters
  • Calling methods and passing parameters by-value and by-reference
  • Constructors and instantiation
  • The static keyword
  • Scope
  • Method overloading
  • Encapsulation
  • Accessors and mutators
  • Immutable objects

Unit Name or Timeframe: Interfaces (1 week)

  • Interfaces and abstraction
  • Interface implementation
  • Reference types
  • List interface and iterators
  • Comparable interface

Unit Name or Timeframe: Inheritance (2 weeks)

  • Inheritance and the Object class
  • Public and private data and methods
  • The super, this and null references
  • Encapsulation and information hiding
  • Inheritance using extends, recognizing single-inheritance
  • Equality vs identity
  • has-a vs is-a relationships involving inheritance and aggregation
  • Method overriding
  • The instanceof operator

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