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«Program Design Basics» is the computer science and technology professional core courses are compulsory subjects basis. School of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University «program design» course is a national boutique lesson.

The course for the university first semester, no undergraduate Prerequisite, but requires high school students to better grasp of English, mathematics and other subjects related knowledge, and have basic computer skills.

The course in C language as the carrier, the introduction of PAD indicates that the program logic, the main contents include: algorithms, structured programming, functions, recursion, data types, arrays, pointers, structures, documents, lists and so on.

This course teaches basic video main ideas and methods of programming. Focus on training and the ability to train students in computational thinking and programming capabilities. Teaching guiding principle is «the main line to program design,» teaching method is «driven by the case.» Teaching PAD describe the algorithm used in the process, leads to knowledge through practical examples, and through programming examples to explain knowledge to enhance students understanding. To familiarize students with the main programming language structure, to understand the basic idea of ​​program design, program design master the basic method has certain computational thinking ability and preliminary program design capabilities.

This course is offered by Jilin University, recommended by the Peking University.


张长海,陈娟. 程序设计基础(第2版). 高等教育出版社,2013.09,国家级精品教材。






There is. Objective questions and programming operations into question in two parts. «Objective questions» is used to examine students’ mastery of the knowledge involved in the course. «Programming Operations» course examination focus. Programming assignments in this course through the «Online» program submission, you need to log classmates designated website, online submission program code, online instant viewing program execution results. Programming assignments in this course will begin the third week of the start of the course layout, then, we will give the appropriate prompt, please log on to the site and complete the job. Every job open seven days, after the deadline to submit invalid.


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