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What are Dan Helmer’s main policy priorities?

We have got a system where some employers don’t really shell out their workers the full amount they have to. On the policy side, I am the lead person to reform superannuation in Australia. That is not good for the economy of ours, and that’s not good for the people who drop out. So I’m for tax cuts, and also I am for expanding affordable housing and I am for expanding work opportunities for men and women that work very hard, but cannot find work, and had been outside of the labour market a quite a while.

But there are additionally a few improvements we can make to bring in tax relief for low-income individuals. I think there is some way we can improve things. Obviously, I believe there is a case for increasing taxes that people pay. He’s also engaged in educational outreach to veterans as well as the general public on VA issues.» «Helmer consistently stands on his soapbox to call interest to problems and also needs,» the Norfolk Economic Opportunity Institute wrote in the profile of theirs of Helmer, «His persistence has paid off, as a significant reform process resulted greater usage of rehabilitation services for veterans with traumatic brain injury, an expanded number of VA counselors and ability to access mental health care for kids of active duty military.» In 2024, The American Legion wrote in their profile of Helmer which he «has demonstrated a dedication to service by representing veterans in 2 high-profile court cases, and also by testifying as an expert on Capitol Hill for the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

A graduate of the Catholic prep school, Georgetown College, Miller also attended Duke Faculty. Although he has certainly not faced a race with opposition from the left as she’s, it is noteworthy that Miller has endorsed President Donald Trump’s re election plan. On June 18th, he reported that Trump was his preferred president. Abalza is challenging him according to her previous work on the ACLU of Northern Virginia. What are your key policy priorities? Really well, first of all I’m a huge advocate to make big reforms to the electoral system of ours.

And I do think there is justification to do that, as well as to have something that promotes voter turnout at elections, that we don’t presently do. Here is what Dan Helmer did for veterans: Accomplishments and votes :. Voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that provided an added 437 million for Veterans Health Administration. Voted for a bill that would improve the process of approving home loans for veterans.

Supported veterans in crisis through the Veterans Suicide Prevention Act.

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